Palette knife

My technique is characterized by the use of painter’s knife (palette knife), oil paint and wet-on-wet processing of the paint. This technique keeps the painting spontaneous, colorful and lively.

The search of allowing the colors of the wet paint to react with each other on the canvas and the use of thicker and thinner strokes is particularly challenging to me.

Wet on wet

Wet on wet is a form of ‘alla prima’ painting. It means that when the paint is still wet, the next layer will be continued. These layers are processed into each other with thinner and thicker strokes.

guiding the spontaneous process on the canvas in such a way that the work comes to life and is realized, is extremely intense for me and gives a lot of satisfaction

By this way you can paint spontaneously. Painting in this style is extremely intense. Because the oil paint must stay wet, the time is quite limited. As a painter you have to master everything at the same time. The composition, color, lines, tones, etc. Everything must be realized within the drying time of the paint.